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All the way, Right away, The Right way...

  "Noah did EVERYTHING that God commanded him"  Genesis 6:22 IBC (emphasis added)      As I was scrolling through Youtube one night as I prepared to get my boys in bed when my oldest shouted "mama can we watch something for us?" As I sat on the edge of my mother's sofa pretending I didn't hear one word he said because I was looking for something for myself. If I am being honest I was sick of all things PBS kids and kid-friendly tv. I mean the songs get stuck in your head on a loop and I just wanted something that had other adults that weren't trying to solve why a talking dog hadn't come home from the grocery store.  I love looking at cooking and organizing shows, gardening, and a good PBS mystery. I was willing to rewatch church service from the week past, nothing major I just wanted clean mindless television. If you are familiar with Youtube you know that it will show you things that are "recommended" as well as "new to you" and