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Lord, I  DON'T want to do the hard thing "The heap of stone will help you to remember what happened today. In future years, your children will ask you "what do those stones mean?" ‭‭Joshua 4:6(Easy)‬‬ As I sat talking with my husband about the options of purchasing a new car or sticking with one for a short time to save enough money for the one we wanted; I lamented “Lord I don’t want to do the hard thing.” I said that after the option of taking him back and forth to work during the week came up. See, we’d already done this when we lived in North Carolina. At the time I was strapped with 2 boys under three and totally pregnant with baby boy number 3 At the time, we needed a new car just like we do now. It was an utter faith walk then just like it is now. At the time my husband worked 45mins (on a good day) away from home… going one way! When we were contemplating getting the new car then we knew we needed more room to hold baby boy two and so reluctantly we moved in